Professionally serviced AC

When it comes to aircon servicing, you need only the best for your home, office or business air conditioners. Why? Because it’s not just about keeping you cool during the hot sweltering days of the summer, it’s much more:

  • High-quality aircon servicing will ensure safe and healthy quality of air and balanced air circulation throughout the premises
  • Professionally serviced ACs will last longer and have fewer unexpected breakdowns
  • An aircon that’s serviced regularly is cheaper to run and more efficient to operate

And no one understands that better than the dedicated team of aircon servicing technicians here at Great Aircon!


High-quality aircon servicingGreat Aircon has assembled a team of aircon servicing experts with in-depth experience in repair and servicing of a broad range of ACs. And because we value the safety and comfort of our clients, we go to great length to ensure our aircon servicing technicians are always able to deliver top-quality service to you:

  • We specialize in a broad range of air conditioners. As a result, even if you are a multi-brand AC customer, you just need a single call – to us! – to get your issues resolved!
  • We continually invest in training and skills upgrade of our staff. As a result, our aircon servicing technicians bring with them the latest technical knowhow when they visit your home, office or business on a service call!
  • We offer both one-time servicing as well as service contracts for annual maintenance of your ACs. As a result, you’ll get the peace of mind knowing your AC is always performing at its peak!
  • Our staff is proactive in their job. As a result, their trained senses quickly spot potential issues that you may not even know exist. You’ll save tones of money and grief because they provide you with timely options to deal with the issues before they become into nightmares!

And here’s something else about us that you should know:

  • We don’t just confine our expertise to aircon servicing. We are also extremely adept at performing aircon repairs too! From simple repair jobs, to complex diagnosis and issue resolution, we have the skills, equipment and the technology to do it all!


So why not browse through our site and find out more about our aircon servicing and repair offerings. Or contact us and we’ll happily discuss how we can be of service to you!

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