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Whether you are a residential, commercial or industrial user of air-conditioners, we offer great Aircon Servicing in Singapore for everyone. And we’re not just the new kid on the block either. With us, you won’t wonder if your air conditioner is in safe hands. Why? Because:

  • We have been around for a while, serving the Singapore Aircon industry, and we place great value in your trust!
  • Our exceptionally experienced service team brings with them years of Aircon Servicing experience in Singapore!
  • Our service technicians not only accurately diagnose the problem, but will quickly and effectively service it too, ensuring that you only get the best possible Aircon Service Singapore!

It’s no wonder then that many of our Aircon Servicing Singapore customers are repeat clients that have put their trust in us for a long time!


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Here at Great Aircon Singapore, we pride ourselves on having a diverse air con servicing team that can handle almost any aircon-related issue. That’s because, over the years, we’ve built exceptional experience within our company by helping clients across a broad spectrum of air-condition users.

  • No matter what the brand of air conditioner is, we’ll have in-house expertise to deal with it!
  • No matter how complex an aircon servicing job is called for, we’ve got the know how to get the job done!
  • And even if it means dealing with complex aircon repairs, we’ll make sure its dealt with in a way that leaves your unit as good as new!

And speaking of diversity, our team is also specialised in chemical cleaning of your units so they perform safely and flawlessly.


Whether it’s General residential or commercial Aircon servicing in Singapore, Contract servicing, or Annual Air Conditioner maintenance you are looking for, we are your one-stop shop for it all. You can view this to get more about the aircon servicing in Singapore we offer!

Please, browse through our site and get to know us better!

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